The Fairways - Saturday, 12.1.01

Hosts: Charles & Berny
Band: Brent - Vocals/Guitar
Jen - Bassist
Andrew - Guitar
Keiko - Keyboards
Mike - Drums

It's special enough to have a band in studio, to see them ply their trade in your own back yard. It's even more of a treat if said
band is one of your favorites. Such was the case here with The Fairways, a band out of San Francisco that the 
Indie Shop staff had been trying to lure south for an in-studio for the better part of 18 months. We had an amazingly good
good time speaking with the band, seeing them perform three times that weekend, and genuinely making friends we'd like to keep
beyond whatever life the show has. Thanks again to the band for making such an effort to even find us here in our tiny
back yard......

Charles: This is Charles, youíre listening to the Indieshop here on Kbeach 
radio at  Weíre doing a special Saturday show here and we have 
the Fairways in studio.  Lets get the mics working here.  Let me just push 
this up.  Iíll try not to hit you in the face with that.  Welcome.

Band: Thank You (nervous giggles by all)

Charles: Weíve actually been here for about a half an hour now setting up, 
doing some things and getting arranged.  Iím sorry about the dead air we just 
had.  Itís kind of crazy here on a Saturday.  We have our photographer in the 
back there.  So anyways if you guys want to introduce yourselves.......

Keiko: Hi this is Keiko

Andrew: And uhh.. this is Andrew

Brent: Brent

Jen: Jen

Mike: Mike

Charles: And what do you all do within the band?

Mike: I play drums

Andrew: That was Mike

Mike: Iím Mike and I play drums.

Jen: Iím Jen and I play bass.

Brent: Iím Brent and I sing and play guitar.

Andrew: Iím Andrew and I play guitar.

Keiko: And Iím Keiko.  I play keyboards.
Charles: And how long has the band been around?

Andrew: Ummm

Brent: Five years?

Jen: Ten years?

Andrew: Weíre not sure.

Brent: Five years.

Andrew: I donít think itís five years.

Jen: Four years?

Brent: Four years......

Andrew: Three or four years then.

Charles: Is it kind of scary to have to look back?

Jen: No, not yet.

Andrew: No itís just hard to say.  Itís just hard to remember when we all 

Berny:  Seeing when it was like the original formation.  

Andrew: I mean weíve sort of changed.  This line up is only three or four 
months old.  

Jen: Mike is perhaps maybe our tenth drummer or so.

Brent: He is our tenth drummer.

Berny: I was going to say I donít remember him from the show this summer.

Jen: Itís really exciting because I think weíve finally found our tenth and 
last drummer in Mike.

Andrew: Time will tell.

Berny: Thatís so harsh.

Jen: Heís already getting mean.

Charles: This could be interesting.  How did things start for the band?
Brent: Umm

Andrew: Well?  What?  Donít look at me.  First there was Skypark.  Tell that 

Brent: Jen?

Jen: Oh I donít want to tell that story.  Well ok.  One day Brent woke up.  
He had this dream and he decided that he would get up and meet Andrew that 
day.  So they went out and had some coffee and donuts and talked about having 
the Fairways.  That was what, four years ago or something?  

Andrew: Yeah exactly four years ago.  Todayís our anniversary.  Now itís all 
coming back to me.

Brent: Itís all a dream, it was all a dream.

Jen: Yeah it was based on a dream.

Andrew: And things just fell into place from there.  

Charles: This sounds prophetic.

Berny: Now was the band called Skypark or did you meet at some place called 

Brent: Jen and I used to be in a band called Skypark.  Once we broke up we 
decided, or Andrew and I started to play music together.

Andrew: That is correct.  Brent and I started playing music together and 
eventually we added Jen.  Then we eventually added more people and eventually 
we got the name the Fairways.  

Charles: How did the name come about?

Jen: That was a suggestion.

Brent: It was a suggestion from our friend Mary who originally thought it was 
the Fairways that came up in a Smiths lyric.  But she actually had the lyrics 

Berny: Thinking back to the Smiths lyric and I donít remember the Fairways 
ever being in a song.  It was probably like Strangeways.

Brent: It was just a suggestion and it sounded good so we kept it.  

Charles: Out of curiosity, what were the other options at that time?

Brent: Oh God, well we used to be called the month of Sundays.  Until we 
found out that there are five other bands with the same name.

Jen: And I wouldnít have been in a band with that name so that was kind of a 

Andrew: Yeah it was a deal breaker for Jen at that point.  I donít actually 
remember any of the other possibilities.  Iím sure thereís a piece of paper 
somewhere with a bunch of names written on it.

Charles: The name of the band just seems to totally fit the character of the 

Andrew: Well that was... once we had that name there wasnít any other 
contender, we all liked it right away and it just seemed like a good solid 
classic pop band kind of name. 

Charles: Youíve got the name you get that out of the way and you start 
writing music.

Andrew: Sound fell into place.

Brent: The Fairways....

Andrew: We knew what that sounds like.

Jen: The best part is that none of us play golf.  Thatís my favorite part 
about it.

Brent: I used to play golf when I was in high school and junior high school.  

Berny: Secretly he was very very happy when you decided that you would be 
called the Fairways.

Charles: Ok you guys just got together, youíre starting to get more members.  
How did the sound come out originally?  Is it pretty much what we hear now?

Andrew: More or less.

Jen: I would call it the same I just feel that maybe we can play our instruments 
a little bit better now.  

Andrew: Well the arrangements have gotten more complex as weíve had more 
instruments to add to the mix and certainly when Keiko started playing with 
us thatís when we really sort of got the sound that we have at this point.  
Adding the keyboard.

Charles: Is it hard finding people to match what you think as far as what the 
music should sound and their talents?

Andrew: Only with the drummer.  I donít know.  I mean we really didnít 
audition other keyboardists. We sort of just waited until we found the right 

Jen: Talent seems less of an issue than having a general interest in the 

Andrew: Well thatís not exactly true.

Jen: Yeah it is though, I mean...

Andrew: Well.... are you saying Mike is not talented?  I think Mike is great.

Berny: Poor Mike!

Jen: I think he is too.  I mean thatís why weíre really lucky because he 
actually can play drums really well and he likes the same music so.....

Charles: Weíll find out tonight right?

Jen: Yeah you can judge for yourself.  

Berny: Poor Mike has a lot to live up to.  No pressure

Charles: Just a very quick mention.  You guys are playing tonight at the 
Glasshouse in Pomona.  Itís a Majestic cd release party.

Andrew: Thatís tonight Saturday night, not to confuse people.  

Brent: And tomorrow night weíre playing......

Charles: Thatís right we donít want people showing up on Wednesday and itís 
some acid house party.   Whereís the band?

Berny: Yeah when it turns into a biker bar.

Brent: Weíre playing tomorrow night as well.

Charles: Really?

Brent: At Sacred Grounds in San Pedro.

Berny: Wow

Brent: With a band called Rizzo.

Charles: The name sounds familiar.  

Brent: Yeah tonight is for the record industry and tomorrow is for the fans.

Charles: Ok Iím going to have to be there as well.  Now that you guys are in 
Southern California finally.  Itís been a year and a half since we first saw 
you guys playing Indie Pop Summer a year and a half ago.  

Brent: That was a year and a half ago?

Andrew: Well not quite a year and a half ago.

Charles: Itís been a while.

Andrew: That was like two or three drummers ago.  Thatís how we count things 

Berny: I know you havenít come back to LA since then.  We had to go up north 
to see you this last time.  Itís not fair.

Charles: But itís well worth it of course.

Andrew: Well thank you.

Berny: We more than happily made the drive.

Charles: And I have to thank Andrew for giving me a copy of the CD when I 
asked for it.  

Andrew: I did?

Charles: It was a year and a half ago.

Andrew: Oh thatís right I did!  

Charles: And we have one question, a real quick question and then I want to 
play some music that you guys are into as well.

Berny: Ooh ooh can I ask it?

Charles: Yeah you can ask.

Berny: Alright when we say you at Indie Pop Summer you were wearing a monkey 
hat.  What was up with the monkey hat?

Andrew: Oh umm...

Berny: Iím the one that asks all the embarrassing questions.

Charles: Did you lose a bet or something?

Andrew: No.

Berny: And why donít you wear hats now?   I mean you could switch to like a 
panda hat or something.  

Andrew: Well we were on tour with.....

Keiko: Mokachic

Andrew: What? Oh yeah Mokachic wears the animal hats all the time.  Thatís 
one of Keikoís other bands.  One of her many other bands.  The monkey hat 
was...... well we were on tour with a band called Three Berry Ice Cream from 
Japan and they, well I donít know they just had this monkey hat.  They gave 
it to me and I wore it.  

Brent: Do you still have it?

Andrew: Yeah I still have it.  I wore it for Halloween this year.  Itís 
actually much too large for me so when I wear it with just the hat itís 
really floppy.  But for Halloween I stuffed a t shirt inside of it so my head 
looked really large with the monkey ears.  It was really creepy.

Charles: you donít know how disappointed we were when we went to the Bottom 
of the Hill show and....

Andrew: And there was no monkey hat.

Charles: Yes there was no monkey hat.

Andrew:  Well if I had a good source....

Jen: I remember you being inordinately sweaty because you had that on your 

Andrew: Yeah it was really hot anyways at that show and with that thing on 
top of my head it was like my own personal sauna.

Berny: It just seems like for the first twenty minutes of the set we were 
just like what is up with that monkey hat?  Why is he wearing that hat?

Andrew: Well good.  I wasnít sure as to how people were reacting.

Charles:  We didnít see anyone else, we just saw you.  We were just like what 
the hell?

Andrew: It was like a tunnel just focused on the hat.  All other sensations 
blocked out.

Berny: Itís very becoming.  I thought it was a nice little hat.

Andrew: Well thank you.  Iím sorry I didnít bring it with me this time.  
Maybe Iíll find another hat.

Berny: It looked very Sanrio.

Andrew: Thereís actually a couple of shops around the venue.

Berny: Yeah go to the thrift shops maybe you can find some sort of pink 
knitted one or something.  

Andrew: Well last time we were there Brent and I both bought hats at a store 
that was near there.  Not monkey hats but just regular hats.  If I find 
something Iíll wear it tonight.  Itíll be a surprise.

Charles: You didnít expect this did you?

Andrew: No I didnít expect it.

Brent: I totally forgot about that.

Andrew: Oh I certainly didnít forget about it.  

Berny: Oh memories of Indie Pop Summer.....

Charles: If we only had a picture.

Andrew: I know.

Mike: We do actually, itís online.

Jen:  I have a picture.

Brent: Yeah at the Three Berry Ice Cream website.

Andrew: Oh really I didnít know that.

Brent: Thereís a whole tour photo album.  

Berny: And now the memories start flying back.

Andrew: Yeah this band from Japan, they took a lot of pictures strangely 

Berny: This is the band that you have the split EP with.

Andrew: Thatís right we have a split CD EP with Three Berry Ice Cream where 
we each do an original and we cover each band covers the other bands song.  
Another song, itís four different songs.

Berny: Oh someoneís coming.

Charles: Everybody wave.

Berny: Hello!  Thereís a small child watching the broadcast.

Charles: The studio here at the university is in a building where we have 
nothing but glass walls.  People walk by once in a while and it can be 
interesting.  So weíre going to play a couple of songs that you guys picked 
out.  The first is Moose ď Keeping up with youĒ from their latest CD and 
weíll be back in about ten minutes or so and continue our interview with the 

(break for songs)

Charles: Weíre here in studio with the Fairways.  Youíre listening to 
Indieshop here on KBeach radio at, the only student run station 
here at Long Beach State University... Iím talking very fast.... here in 
Southern California.

Andrew: Are there non student run stations?

Charles: Thereís a station called KLON

Berny: Itís a jazz station.

Andrew: At the university?

Charles: Yeah, itís supposed to be the number one jazz station in the 
country.  So they say.

Brent: Thatís what every station says.

Charles: Weíre actually the number one student station.  Did you know that?  

Andrew: What does that mean?

Charles: I donít know.  It sounds good though.  

Berny: Weíre the number one student station at Cal State Long Beach. So...

Charles: Weíve worked really hard for that.

Andrew: Congratulations.

Berny: Do you know how many pirate radio stations in the dorms we have to 
fight with?
Itís horrible.

Charles:  We were talking very briefly about the internet.  I looked and you 
guys really donít have much of a page.

Brent: We donít.  But if you do a Google search for the Fairways / Paris 
Caramel youíll get more hits.  

Andrew: Though if you go to the youíll learn a lot about....

Brent: Golfing

Andrew: No, no no...... thereís an apartment building in Sacramento called 
the Fairways where there is black mold.  Someone has made a whole website 
about this apartment building and how itís full of this black mold.  I forget 
what itís called but you can learn a lot about this black mold.  Itís really 
bad for you.

Berny: Is it perhaps a disgruntled resident?

Andrew: Itís a very disgruntled resident.  An obsessively disgruntled 

Charles:  A whole website just for an apartment building?

Andrew:  Well about the mold in the apartment building.  With links to a lot 
of other information about black mold and things.

Charles: Is this like killer mold?

Andrew: Yeah it makes you sick, itís pretty bad.

Berny: Is this the kind of thing like they have on 20/20 where they have the 
family that doesnít know whatís making them sick then they find out itís the 

Andrew: Exactly.  They have this whole website saying ďwe have this mildew in 
the kitchen and the bathroom that just wonít go away.  The kids are always 
throwing up and wheezyĒ.  So yeah thatís not our website.

Charles: Ok.

Berny: Thatís a bad association to have though.  People think the Fairways 
and they think black mold.  I donít know.

Andrew: Conceptual.  Itís all about the album.  But itís highly coded.

Charles: It could be a good song.

Brent: Black Mold?

Charles: Not quite in the Fairways vault.

Andrew: Our new album is in a very different direction.  Itís much harder.

Brent: Itís really dark.

Berny: Youíre turning to AC/DC covers now.

Andrew: More like Limp Bizkit.  We want to stay current.

Charles: So who raps here?

Brent: The circle.

Andrew: Our new drummer.  The circle.  Youíre the rapper.

Mike: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Thatís Mikeís other name.  The circle.  Itís kind of like the Edge.

Berny: Do you do beat box as well or is it just rap?

Mike: No I just rap.

Andrew: Heís a real drummer.  He plays live drums. 

Berny: No but it would be cool if he could do it without his drums and just 
do a little beat box or something.

Andrew: We just replaced him with sound effects and pro tools.

Mike: I was pretty good in fifth grade.

Andrew: Do you want to give it a try?

Berny: Well those skills that need to come back.

Andrew: Címon dude, step up.

Mike: No, no I canít do it.  Iím no Justin Timberlake.

Andrew: Represent.

Charles: Actually the Bluetones did a song kind of like that.

Mike: Really? Wow.

Charles: It came out really good.

Mike: Beat boxing?

Charles: Yeah it was kind of that with acoustic guitar.  

Andrew: Hmm... how interesting.

Charles: As crazy as it sounds, itís been done.

Berny: Thatís not Autophilia is it?

Charles: No.  

Berny: Because that kind of sounds a bit weird.

Charles: No itís a different track.  Anyways the tracks we just heard, 
Trembling Blue Stars ďLetter never sentĒ, Primal Scream ďVelocity GirlĒ, 
Moose ďKeeping up with youĒ.  We heard bits and pieces of other songs in 
there as well.  I apologize for that.  There was some silence.  Itís kind of 
crazy here.

Berny: It will all be perfect on Wednesday.  

Charles: Thatís right.

Brent: Velocity Girl by Primal Scream is the name of the band.

Charles: Did I switch it around?

Andrew: No Brent just wanted to mention it again.

Berny: That would have been ok though because people would have been looking 
for a Primal Scream song by Velocity Girl.

Andrew: Yeah and theyíd be disappointed.

Brent: Yeah because I hate Velocity Girl.  Oh I shouldnít say that.

Berny: Did you just have language issues on the air?

Brent: Yes.

Berny: Itís alright we try to cover up for you.  Thatís why we were speaking 
over you.  

Charles: We can edit this out.  How did things go with the band?  You guys 
first started...

Andrew: I think weíve covered that.  

Charles: Yeah we did, but you know like the first single.

Andrew: Well going back to the first single.  Geez.  What was it?

Brent: The first single is......

Berny: I think we did this outside as well.  

Brent: Is called ďDarling donít you thinkĒ.  Itís a three song EP.

Andrew: That wasnít the first thing that came out.

Brent: Thatís the first single.  The first thing we ever put out was a seven 
inch single.  Is that what you mean?

Charles: The first thing you released under the name.

Andrew: No that would be ďPhthalo BlueĒ on Beikoku-Ongaku

Brent: Which means American music.

Andrew: But itís subtitled in english the magazine just to confuse people.  
So we had a song on there that we recorded.  A long time ago.

Charles: How did it feel to actually see your music being released like that?

Andrew: It was nice.  It was great.  Because itís such a nice magazine.  We 
were happy with every thing about it pretty much.  After that it was 
basically our album and the single that came along with the album.

Charles: And what was that single?

Andrew: The seven inch rather.  The ďDarling donít you thinkĒ seven inch with 
unreleased b sides and maybe an alternate mix.  I donít remember. 

Charles: Ok then.  Thatís actually listed on the website you guys do have.  

Brent: Oh really?

Andrew: Thatís new to us.  

Charles: Not the one I was trying to get.

Andrew: Is that the Paris Caramel website youíre talking about?  Thatís the 
label that our album is on Paris Caramel.  I think theyíre Paris 

Charles: Possibly.  Thereís a link if you look on the bands page there.  

Andrew: Thereís also a Japanese web page.  Over there on Minty Fresh Japan 
but  itís in Japanese so...

Berny: You were talking about actually going to Japan to play, when is that 

Brent: Weíre going in April, the first two weeks of April with Mira sheís on 
K Records and Dear Nora.  Weíre going to play several shows with them.  

Andrew: Iíd prefer it if it was lots of shows.  I hope.

Brent: Yeah itís five or so.

Andrew: Brent just wants to go on vacation.  Weíll talk about it later.  
Weíre going to Japan in the spring!  

Berny: I hear itís lovely!

Brent: It is lovely.  It will be our first time. 

Andrew: We get to see Hokkaido!

Brent: I get to see Hokkaido as well in January.

Andrew: Are you going skiing?  Itís cold.

Berny: A lot of people go to Tahoe, heís got to go to Japan to ski.

Andrew: Brentís very jet set.  

Berny: Yes heís very international.  I like that.

Charles: There does seem to be an international mold to the band, a certain 
flavor to it.  
How did this all begin?  Most bands are lucky enough to reach beyond their 
own city.

Andrew: Well I donít know if weíve really done that.

Charles: Well here you are so......

Andrew: Oh thatís right.  Weíve barely managed that.  Well because of the 
magazine thing we had something out in Japan before we had something out here 
really.  And Keiko is from Japan.

Keiko: Yes, I am from Japan.  Iím Japanese.

Andrew: Sheís actually Japanese and Brent is of Japanese descent.

Brent: Iím Japanese American.

Keiko: Heís American.

Berny: Youíre not Japanese.  Keiko says ďnoĒ.  

Charles: You must get that when you go over there.  They kind of look at you 
and they go ďYeah we knowĒ

Berny: ďYouíre not from hereĒ

Brent: I blend in pretty well.

Berny: Alright if you say so.  I donít know Iíve tried going down to Mexico 
and it doesnít work.  

Charles: Have you gotten a really good response in Japan?

Brent: Yeah we have.  Even more so than in the states.

Andrew: Our record is much ...... umm.... much better promoted.  Iíll just 
come out and say it.  It was actually promoted in Japan so people ...

Brent: Actually I went over there last year and played several shows and had 
a few friends help me instrument wise.  Maybe five or ten shows.

Berny: Youíve gone off and done your own solo tour.

Charles: It just seems kind of strange because you guys are based here but it 
must be frustrating to be more popular outside of your home country.

Andrew: Itís frustrating to be less popular in our own country.  Weíre not 
frustrated people.  But we donít really, itís not like we tour a lot.  Itís 
not like weíre doing much to promote ourselves other than in San Francisco.

Charles: Is there just a general lack of desire to really promote yourselves 
heavily?  Or are you just not ready for it?

Andrew: These are kind of heavy questions.

Berny: Itís not really fair for you to ask them that Charles.  

Andrew: I donít know.  Weíre popular in Sweden.

Berny: Or is it just that all of you have so many other side projects, as 
some of you standing in the doorway do, that you donít really have time to go 
out and tour.

Andrew: I donít know.

Brent: I donít know.

Charles: Well what are some of the side projects?  

Andrew: Weíre just hella flakey.

Jen:  Really having time to go tour like that requires not really having a 
sort of other job I think.  Thatís what mainly I think keeps us.....

Berny: In San Francisco.  

Jen: It keeps us in San Francisco.  It keeps us honest, I donít know.

Andrew: It keeps us honest?

Berny: Otherwise theyíd be out on the road thieving their way through the 

Andrew: Shoplifting lunch.

Charles: If you want to expand on the shoplifting part.  

Jen: Just because you can doesnít mean you should.  

Brent: Exactly.  

Berny: You wanted to ask about the side projects?

Charles: Yeah Iím just curious as to what side projects youíre all in.  

Brent: Nothing.

Andrew: Keiko?  Keiko has a new band.

Keiko: Yeah I have two other bands.  

Berny: And she goes to school.

Keiko: Yeah and Iím going to school but Iím graduating and I have to get a 

Andrew: So she can stay in the country.

Keiko: I have to get a visa.

Charles: You can always get married.  

Andrew: Yeah.

Keiko: I am going to.  

Andrew: Yeah what about getting married?  

Keiko: I am going to marry and Iíll stay here.

Andrew: Really?

Jen: You are?

Brent & Jen: You and Charlie are getting married?  

Keiko: Maybe.

Brent: Wow, live on the air.

Andrew: You should.  My cousin did that to his wife.  Like they were just 
going out and she would have had to leave so they just got married.

Berny:  I have a friend at work thatís doing that.  He has a Japanese 
girlfriend as well.  Youíre not dating some guy named Mark are you?  

Keiko: No.

Brent: It happens all the time.  

Berny: Actually theyíve been going out for a while and theyíre getting 

Andrew: Just get a little you know, just go down to the courthouse.  Donít 
tell your parents or anything.  Have the ďrealĒ wedding later.  

Berny: Yeah that way you wonít have to get a job.  You can just join two 
other bands.  

(rest of the band is giggling and whispering)

Mike: I so hope that made it.

Charles: Well I didnít hear that so tonight Iíll digitally enhance that one 

Berny: Yeah heíll bring it straight out.

Mike: So name your bands.

Keiko: Mokachic is one of my bands.  My friends Hiromi and (??) are basically 
in the band.  I play in the other band but we donít have a name for it we 
just play around.  Itís a new project.  

Andrew: And Hiromi from Mokachic will be performing with us tonight.  

Jen: I have to say Iíve seen Mokachic and theyíre really good.

Brent: Theyíre so good.

Jen: Keiko plays distorted guitar on her keyboards in that band.

Brent: And in fact they were animal hats in that band.  

Andrew: Theyíre the band that really have the whole animal hat thing down.  I 
was just sort of ripping off Mokachic.

Charles: It all comes full circle.

Berny: Youíre a very quiet girl with many talents if you play keyboard and 

Andrew: And she surfs.  And she sleeps on the beach.  

Keiko: Beach?

Andrew: Yeah you slept on the beach that one time didnít you?

Keiko: Yeah I slept on the beach.

Andrew: At least once I should say.  Maybe more.  To surf I mean.  Not like 
she passed out on the beach and just woke up there. 

Charles: She just washed up on the shores of this country.

Berny:  Thatís really how she got here.  Itís much cheaper than a flight 
really if you can stand the wait.  

Brent: Youíre also a filmmaker.

Keiko: Oh yeah Iím a filmmaker.  Iím making a film.

Charles: Wow.

Berny: Alright we know Jen has a side project.  

Andrew: Yeah Jen whatís your side project?

Jen: My side project is....

Berny: Itís the Fairways thatís what it is!

Andrew: Yeah weíre your side project.  Ok whatís your real band then.

Jen: I have two real bands.  The other real band besides the Fairways is a 
little band called the Aislers Set.  

Charles: Just a little band.

Andrew:  Little.  Really tiny.

Brent: Yeah you guys are all pretty small people.  

Jen: Yeah thatís what I meant.  Iím the tallest person in that band.  In both 
of the bands actually.  

Andrew: Youíre taller than Wyatt really?  

Brent: Wyatt is kind of big.

Jen: Well yeah he is taller than I am.

Andrew: Yeah heís a hulk.  I mean compared to the rest of the band.

Berny: Well yeah you are quite statuesque there.  Youíre quite tall.  Well 
youíre taller than me.

Charles:  Is it difficult splitting your time between the two bands?

Jen: Yeah fortunately the Aislers Set has been on break so Iíve been able to 
focus a little bit.

Andrew: Hence, the tour.

Jen: Yes!

Charles: How about the rest of you?

Brent: No

Andrew: Nothing.

Jen: Mike DJs.

Brent: Mike DJs and does a club called Club Lovely.  It happens every other 

Mike: It happens at the Edinburgh Castle every other Wednesday so if anybody 
is in San Francisco come check it out.  

Charles: So is that like Wednesdays between eight and ten?

Berny: Or can they go after our show?

Andrew: They can go after your show.  It doesnít even get good until like 

Berny: Yeah you donít want to go to a club before ten anyways because you 

Brent: They all show up at two when theyíre closed.

Andrew: But you can get dressed for those two hours.

Berny: Yeah you can get dressed listening to the Indieshop.  You donít want 
to go in before ten because thatís when they let all the people in for free 
and thatís just a very sad looking little crowd.  

Mike: Itís always free though.

Brent: Yeah itís free.

Charles: Well lets play a couple more songs that you guys picked out and 
weíll actually play a track that you guys brought in.  A demo of the new 
material.  Weíll get that on in just a few minutes as well.  Weíre going to 
start with Elbow this is ďRedĒ and weíll be right back.

Andrew: Are you sure about that?

Charles: Iím hoping!

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