The Lucksmiths

Interview Date : 10 August 2003
Location :
Sea Level Records, Los Angeles, CA
Broadcast date : 12 February 2003

Tali : drums, vocals
Marti : guitar, vocals
Mark : bass , vocals

While the band was unable to arrange a 'standard' show in Los Angeles this time round, they more than made up for it with
a great appearance at Sea Level Records in the Los Angeles. Afterwards we were lucky enough to speak with the band for a
few moments. Enjoy the pics and thoughts below. Another band who is equally kind as talented.

As always, seems that red-eye is accompanied by blurriness..........Apologies.

We'll do our best to have the transcript available soon.

A special thanks to The Lucksmiths, Jimmy @ Matinee Records, Sea Level Records and Mary for her keen eye and patience.

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