Stefan of Placebo  15.05.01


The Hollywood Palace, Hollywood, CA

We had the pleasure of speaking with Stefan while the band was preparing for their Tuesday night show at the Hollywood Palace. Tucked away in the clubs bar, we chatted for a few minutes as the other members of the band conducted a video interview the next space over. That night we were treated to a great performance by Placebo. None of the expectations that had built over the past 18 months were disappointed. Thanks to Stefan, the people at Virgin Records and others who made the interview and show possible. Thanks also to the Placebo fans who sent in their questions…….

Charles: I have a few fan questions that I’d like to start off with. What’s the most outrageous gift you’ve ever received?

Stefan: We received this Elvis in a white jumpsuit doll that we keep on the tour bus. Its in relation to our song “Lil Mo” which is about Elvis dying on the toilet.

Berny: Is it like a Barbie? Still in the box?

Stefan: Yeah it’s still in the box, it’s highly guarded.

Charles: Tracy would like to know who you would challenge if the band were to be on Celebrity Deathmatch?

Stefan: We’re not really into violence, actually quite against it. But if we had to choose anyone, it might be Fred Durst.

Charles: So he’s started a beef with the band.

Stefan: There’s been some talk in the press.

Charles: The web has changed the way a band is marketed, not to mention fan interaction with the band.

Stefan: Yeah, it really helps fans keep in touch and know what’s going on.

Charles: There is a fan named Tiffany who would like to know if you ever check out the fan sites, and if you have a favorite?

Stefan: There are quite a few fan sites. It’s really like a big family. We’re quite impressed by some.

Berny: Do they ever scoop you on some stuff? Like rumors of tours and album releases.

Stefan: Haven’t seen that happen yet.But they do seem to know everything!

Berny: Do some of the fan sites scare you with the obsessive nature?

Stefan: Just when they start asking about things like my parents home addresses and things like that.

Charles: How does the band go about writing songs? Stefanie in Germany would like to know how harmonious the sessions are?

Stefan: We’ve actually developed a great chemistry as far as writing songs.

We write the music together and Brian will add lyrics later.

Charles: Does it ever amaze you when you hear the finished song?

Stefan: I’m always amazed.

Charles: Any favorites?

Stefan: On this one I don’t have favorites but there are some that I think are really amazing like “Slave to the Wage” or “Lil Mo”.

Charles: Do you handle promotion work in the US differently than from home?

Stefan: Well, we’re the same band and we represent ourselves the same way. But in the states it’s always “introducing the band”

Berny: Does that get frustrating? Still having to introduce the band here in the states when in Europe you’re so well known.

Stefan: It’s not frustrating it’s just what you have to do sometimes. It’s a big country and we want to make as big an impact as we can.

Charles: But it seems that the press here in the states takes you with a bit more seriousness than in the UK and Europe?

Stefan: We get quite a bit more press there, and here in the States we’re not as well known, so it may appear that way.

Charles: How about your sexuality, as it appears to be such a large part of your image as a band.

Stefan: It’s who we are. We’ve never tried hiding what we’ve been.

Charles: Would you have remained such without being in a band?

Stefan: Being gay? It’s not something that I decided upon because I joined the band and we needed to have one of each. It just happens that we do have three members with three different sexual identities.

Berny: So there was no drawing of straws at the formation of the band?

Stefan: Nah, nothing like that. Would have been a good story though.

Charles: No, would you have been so open about your sexuality had you not been in a world renowned band? I think being an artist it helps to be a bit more open with things. It’s the nature of an artist to be a bit of an extrovert.

Charles: Thanks for having the time to speak with us.

Stefan: My pleasure. Enjoy the show tonight.

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