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KBEACH     July - December 2000

5 JULY 2000

The pre show cd this week was the debut cd from The Verve titled "A Storm In Heaven"


Mansun-I Can Only Dissapoint You (remix)

Kent-Heavenly Junkies-Hagnesta Hill


Radiohead-Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Arrogants-Anthony & Cleopatra (acoustic)

Pulp-Common People (live on the Letterman Show)

The Dandy Warhols-Solid-Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

Manic Street Preachers-Train In Vain (live)

The Charlatans UK-White Shirt-Some Friendly

Travis-Coming Around-single

Drugstore feat. Thom Yorke-El Presidente

Catatonia-I Am The Mob-The A's and B's of Catatonia

The Smiths-London (live)

Ian Brown-Golden Gaze (live on KCRW)

Suede-There's A Crack In The Union Jack (live)

The Beatles-Hello Little Girl

Steadman-Whirlwind-Loser Friendly

Ooberman-Heavy Duty-web release single

Placebo-Taste In Men-single

Richard Ashcroft-Brave New World-Alone With Everybody

JJ72-Long Way South-single

Blur-Advert-Modern Life Is Rubbish

Oasis-My Generation

Sing Sing-Feels Like Summer-single

Echobelly-Go Away-On

Space-Diary Of A Wimp-single

Black Box Recorder-The Art Of Driving-single

Super Furry Animals-Pan Ddarr Wawr-Mwng

Essex Green-Mrs Bean

Belle & Sebastian-Dont Leave The Light On Baby-Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

Kent-Quiet Heart-Hagnesta Hill

Geneva-If You Have To Go-Weather Underground

The Arrogants-Future Classic (acoustic)

The Boo Radleys-I Want A Rainbow Nation (acoustic)


12 JULY 2000

This week we had our second visit with The Arrogants.
They played some of their favorite music, spoke with us,
 and had a chance to perform in studio.

This weeks pre show cd was Ride's "Nowhere"


Travis-Coming Around-single

Oasis-My Generation

Belle & Sebastian-Dirty Dream Number 2-The Boy With The Arab Strap

Placebo-Taste In Men-single

Suede-Killing Of A Flash Boy-Sci-Fi Lullabies

Steadman-Life Of Leisure-Loser Friendly

Unbelievable Truth-Agony-single

Mojave 3-Any Day Will Be Fine-Excuses For Travellers

Radiohead-Motion Picture Soundtrack



Toshack Highway-Harlem

Brittle Stars-This Trip-Brittle Stars

Baxter-I Need A Friend (?)

Butterflies Of Love-Floating-How To Know

Pedro The Lion-Of Up And Coming Monarchs

Monograph-Bring On The Lonely Hearts-Lorelei

Cotton Mather-Spin My Wheels-Kontiki

Trembling Blue Stars-Headlights

The Arrogants-Black Star (Live In Studio)

The Arrogants-Wishing Well (Live In Studio)

The Arrogants-Words Apart (Live In Studio)

The Arrogants-Drove (Live In Studio)

Nick Drake-Time Of No Reply

Sing Sing-Feels Like Summer-single

Saint Etienne-The Sea (pfm mix)


19 JULY 2000

No show this week due to technical difficulties at the station....


26 JULY 2000

This weeks pre show cd is a special cd of all Smiths covers


Billy Bragg-Never Had No One Ever

Bis-The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Carter USM-Panic

Deftones-Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

Everclear-How Soon Is Now

Jeff Buckley-The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Leeway-The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

Mojo Nixon-Girlfriend In A Coma

Placebo-Bigmouth Strikes Again

Sandi Shaw-Hand In Glove

Supergrass-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

The Divine Comedy-There Is A Light

The Frank And Walters-Cemetry Gates

The High Llamas-Frankly, Mr. Shankly

The Meatmen-How Soon Is Now

The Mr T Experience-What Difference Does It Make

The Ocean Blue-There Is A Light

Therapy-Vicar In A Tutu

The Trash Can Sinatras-I Know Its Over

Youth Brigade-What She Said


Oh, how difficult it was to pare down my list of 75 covers
into a 2 hour show. Below are the songs I was able to play.......


Ian McCullough-Return To Sender (Elvis)

Morrissey-Drive In Saturday (David Bowie)

Shed 7-Jumpin Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones)

Supergrass-Where Have All The Good Times Gone (The Kinks)

Bjork & PJ Harvey-Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)

The Happy Mondays-Staying Alive (The Bee Gees)

Gene-The Ship Song (Nick Cave)

Sandie Shaw-Hand In Glove (The Smiths)

The Boo Radleys-There She Goes (The Las)

The Arrogants-Black Star (Radiohead)

Carter USM-Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)

unknown-Creep acapella (Radiohead)

Ben Folds Five-Champaign Supernova (Oasis)

Radiohead-Wonderwall (Oasis)

The Cure-Young Americans (David Bowie)

Steadman-Summer Breeze (Isley Brothers)

The Jam-I Got You (I Feel Good) (James Brown)

The Charlatans (Time For Livin' (Sly Stone)

Weezer-Velouria (The Pixies)

Trash Can Sinatras-I Know Its Over (The Smiths)

Elliot Smith-Because (The Beatles)

Blur-Maggie May (Rod Stewart)

Ride-That Man (The Small Faces)

Jeff Buckley-The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Smiths)

The Manic Street Preachers-The Drowners (Suede)

Primal Scream-96 Tears (? And The Mysterians)

The Sundays-Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones)

The Autumns-Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths)

Saint Etienne-I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred)


2 AUGUST 2000

This weeks pre-show cd was Coldplay's new release "Parachutes"


Tahiti 80-Heartbeat-Puzzle

Oasis-Do Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman (live)

Ooberman-Heavy Duty

Belle & Sebastian-Legal Man-single

The Fairways-A Song For Jenni-Is Everything Allright?

The Bluetones-The Basement Song-Science & Nature

Travis-More Than Us (acoustic)

James-Laid (acoustic)

Morrissey-Cosmic Dancer-My Early Burglary Years

Steadman-Life Of Leisure-Loser Friendly

Sing Sing-Western-I'll Be single

Suede-Europe Is Our Playground (alternate version)

Black Box Recorder-The English Motorway System-The Facts of Life

The Fairways-Darling, Dont You Think-Is Everything Allright?

Radiohead-High & Dry-The Bends

Gene-Don't Let Me Down-To See The Lights

Sing Sing-I'll Be-single

Richard Ashcroft-Brave New World-Alone With Everybody

JJ72-Snow (acoustic)

The Doves-A House-Lost Souls

Bjork & Thom Yorke-I've Seen It All

The Dandy Warhols-Godless-Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

Bis-Statement Of Intent-Intendo

The Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over

Morrissey-Trash (live)

The Fairways-Phthalo Blue-Is Everything Allright?

The Arrogants-Words Apart (acoustic)

Tahiti 80-Heartbeat (Cornelius Remix)

Blur-Parklife (acoustic)

The Stone Roses-Your Star Will Shine Again-Second Coming

Echo & The Bunnymen-The Killing Moon (All Night Version)


9 AUGUST 2000

The pre-show cd this week was a live bootleg from Suede

It was my pleasure to have the English band Steadman in studio.
I'm always amazed at how friendly and considerate bands have been,
and Steadman were no different. The band was nice enough to bring
along a few cds, tell us about the band, and play quite a few songs in
studio. Check out their album "Loser Friendly" and see the band live
when they return to the states later in the year.


Steadman-Let Down-Loser Friendly

The Fairways-Phthalo Blue-Is Everything All Right?

The Smiths-London (live)

Travis-Coming Around-single

Bjork & Thom York-I've Seen It All

Gene-Cast Out Of The 70's-Where Are They Now single

Tahiti 80-Heartbeat-Puzzle

Sing Sing-Western-I'll Be single

Catherine Wheel-Sparks Are Gonna Fly-Wishville

The Longpigs-Gangsters-Mobile Home
Crosby Stills & Nash-Carry On-Deja Vu

P.M. Dawn-Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine-Of The Heart

Frank Sinatra-ChicagoMy Way: The Best Of

Thievery Corp-(?)-DJ Kicks

Steadman-Cut Me Loose-Loser Friendly

Mercury Rev-(?)-Deserters Song

The Beatles-Strawberry Fields

Steadman-Oceans Of You-Live acoustic in studio

Steadman-No Big Deal-Live acoustic in studio

Steadman-Whirlwind-Live acoustic in studio

Steadman-Red-Live acoustic in studio

Steadman-Come Alive-Live acoustic in studio

Steadman-Early Warning-Live acoustic in studio


16 AUGUST 2000

Badly Drawn Boy was this weeks pre show cd....his release
"The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast" should be out here in
the States by early next year.


Geneva-Into The Blue-Further

Blur-Coffee & TV-13

Elastica-Generator-The Menace

Gene-Rising For Sunset-Rising For Sunset

Tracy Bonham-Jumping Bean-Down Here

Sleeper-Feeling Peaky-The it Girl

Belle & Sebastian-Women's Realm-Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

The Dandy Warhols-Country Leaver-13 Tales From Urban Bohemia

Manic Street Preachers-Everything Must Go-Everything Must Go

Supergrass-Caught By The Fuzz (acoustic)-single

Suede-The Power-Dog Man Star

Julie Plug-In Every Corner-Starmaker

The Fairways-A Song For Jenni-Is Everything All Right?

Travis-The Fear-The Man Who

Rialto-Monday Morning 5:19-Rialto

Trembling Blue Stars-Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise-Broken By Whispers

The Autumns-QUite-Le Carillon

Bjork & Thom Yorke-I've Seen It All-internet release track

Badly Drawn Boy-Stone On The Water-The Hour Of Bewilderbeast

The Verve-On Your Own-A Northern Soul

The Bluetones-Talking To Clarry-Expecting To Fly

The Smiths-Bigmouth Strikes Again-The Queen Is Dead

Morrissey-I Know Its Gonna Happen Someday-Your Arsenal

Pulp-Something Changed-Different Class

Steadman-Life Of Leisure-Loser Friendly


Bis-Eurodisco (DJ Scissorkicks Remix)


23 AUGUST 2000

Saint Etienne's latest release The Sound Of Water was this weeks pre-show cd


Bis-How Can We Be Strange-Music For A Strange World

The Fairways-Get It Right-Is Everything Allright?

Echobelly-King Of The Kerb-On

The Dandy Warhols-Get Off-13 Tales Of Urban Bohemia

Catherine Wheel-Crank

Ride-Chelsea Girl-Smile

Kula Shaker-Govinda-K

Suede-We Are The Pigs-Dog Man Star

Graham Coxon-I Wish

Blur-Movin On (William Orbit Mix)


Embrace-All You Good People-The Good Will Out

Gomez-Revolutionary Kind-Liquid Skin

The Smiths-Hand In Glove-The Smiths

Badly Drawn Boy-Everybody's Stalking-Hour Of Bewilderbeast

Mansun-Butterfly (A New Beginning)-Little Kix

Steadman-Red (acoustic)

Catatonia-Dead From The Waist Down (acoustic)

Belle & Sebastian-Chickfactor-The Boy With The Arab Strap

Oasis-My Generation

Bis-The Powderpuff Girls-The Powderpuff Girls soundtrack

The Bluetones-Autophilia-Science & Nature

The Yardbirds-Hear Full Of Soul-BBC Sessions

The Sugarplastic-Dont Look-The Powderpuff Girls soundtrack

Andy Bey-River Man-The Incredible Sounds Of Gillis Peterson

Bernard Butler-Stay-People Move On

Baby Bird-God Night

Gene-Your Love It Lies-Olympian

The Stone Roses-Breaking Into Heaven (live)


30 AUGUST 2000

The pre-show cd this week was Mansun's new import only release "Little Kix"



Manic Street Preachers-Masses Against The Classes-single

The Beautiful South-Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back-0898

Mansun-Electric Man-Little Kix

Bis-How Can We Be Strange-Music For A Strange World

Primal Scream-Jailbird-Give Out But Dont Give Up

Charlatans UK-The OnlyOne I Know-Some Friendly

Stone Roses-Sally Cinnamon-The Complete Stone Roses

The Fairways-Pthalo Blue-Is Everything All Right

Morrissey-Sing Your Life-Kill Uncle

Saint Etienne-Lose That Girl-Good Humor

Kent-Heavenly Junkies

Tahiti 80-Heartbeat-Puzzle

Blur-Stereotypes-The Great Escape

Richard Ashcroft-New York-Alone With Everybody


Suede-Cant Get Enough (live)

Gene-Be My Light, Be My Guide (live)-Rising For Sunset

Travis-Happy (live)

Ocean Colour Scene-July-One From The Modern

Ocean Colour Scene-Mrs Jones-B Sides, Seasides and Free Rides

Steadman-No Big Deal (acoustic)

The Arrogants-Anthony & Cleopatra

The Jam-Beat Surrender

Supergrass-Tonight-In It For The Money

Catatonia-Sweet Catatonia

Sleeper-Nice Guy Eddie-The It Girl

The Verve-Space & Time-Urban Hymns

Embrace-The Love It Takes-Drawn From Memory

Rialto-Summers Over-Rialto



This weeks pre-show cd was Pulp's "Pulp Goes To The Disco"


Tahiti 80-Revolution 80-Puzzle

Catatonia-Storm The Palace-Equally Cursed & Blessed

The Smiths-Back To The Old House-Hatful Of Hollow

Travis-Coming Around-single

Placebo-Slave To The Wage-Black Market Music

The Bluetones-Slight Return (Live on Jools Holland)

Belle & Sebastian-We Rule The School-Tigermilk

The Unbelievable Truth-Agony


The Stone Roses-I Am The Resurrection (remix)

Gliss-Adios Amiga-Cafe Bleu compilation

The Dandy Warhols-Mohammed-13 Tales From Urban Bohemia

Bjork-In The Musicals-Selmasongs

Aaron Sprinkle-The Kindest Days-The Kindest Days

Blur-Moving On (William Orbit Mix)

Blur-The Substitute-Who Covers Who

Steadman-Cut Me Loose-Loser Friendly

Placebo-Passive Agressive-Black Market Music

Oasis-Cast No Shadow-(Whats The Story) Morning Glory

Radiohead-Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)-Karma Police 7"

Jact-Sweet Charity-Jact

The Ukranians-Meat Is Murder-Pisni Iz The Smiths

JJ72-Snow (acoustic)

Mansun-Wide Open Spaces (acoustic)


The Ukranians-What Difference Does It Make-Pisni Iz The Smiths



The pre-show cd this week was Radiohead's debut "Pablo Honey"........



Bis-Dead Wrestler

Mansun-Electric Man-Little Kix

Morrissey-Driving Your Girlfriend Home-Kill Uncle

Sigur Ros-Sven-G-Englar

Blur-Strange News From Another Star-Blur

Bellatrix-Dare Devil

Oasis-Go Let It Out-Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Placebo-Special K-Black Market Music

JJ72-Long Way South-single

The Fairways-Close To me-Is Everything All Right

Travis-Writing To Reach You-The Man Who

Paul Weller-Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea-single

The Beatles-Please Please Me-Please Please Me

Supergrass-Jesus Came From Outta Space-Supergrass

Rialto-Lucky Number-Rialto

Radiohead-Sunday Bloody Sunday (live)

Radiohead-Street Spirit (fade out)-The Bends

Radiohead-Pearly-Airbag ep

Radiohead-Motion Picture Soundtrack-Kid A

Embrace-Fireworks-The Good Will Out

Badly Drawn Boy-Stone On The Water-The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast

Belle & Sebastian-I Fought In A War-Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

Steadman-No Big Deal-Loser Friendly

Richard Ashcroft-You On My Mind In My Sleep-Alone With Everybody

Tahiti 80-Yellow Butterfly-Puzzle

Johnny Marr-Walking



This weeks pre-show cd was Radioheads soon to be
released disc "Kid A".....Will there be a Kid B?


Rialto-Anything Could Happen-Girl On A Train ep

Gene-Fighting Fit-Drawn To The Deep End

Pulp-We Are The Boys-The Velvet Goldmine s/t


Tahiti 80-Hey Joe-Puzzle

Placebo-Haemoglobin-Black Market Music

The Fairways-Pthalo Blue-Is Everything Allright?

The Dandy Warhols-Godless-13 Tales From Urban Bohemia

Radiohead-Optimistic-Kid A

Aaron Sprinkle-So Discreet-The Kindest Days

Rialto-Girl On A Train-Girl On A Train ep

The Ukranians-The Queen Is Dead-Pizni Iz The Smiths

Morrissey-Bengali In Platforms-Viva Hate!


JJ72-Not Like You-JJ72

Mansun-Forgive Me-Little Kix

Steadman-No Big Deal (acoustic)

Belle & Sebastian-Sleep The Clock Around-The Boy With The Arab Strap

The Verve-The Drugs Dont Work-Urban Hymns

Radiohead-Morning Bell-Kid A

Rialto-Someone That She Used To Know-Girl On A Train ep

JJ72-Broken Down-JJ72

Geneva-No One Speaks-Further

The Bluetones-Tigerlilly-Science & Nature

Travis-Coming Around-single

Senor Coconut-Tour De France-El Baile Aleman



This weeks pre-show cd was JJ72's beautiful new self-titled release


Catatonia-Karaoke Queen (Remix)-single

Rialto-Girl On A Train-Girl On A Train ep

Elastica--The Menace

The Animalhouse-What Happened To The Future

JJ72-Undercover Angel-JJ72

Radiohead-In Limbo-Kid A

Jact-Sweet Charity-Jact

Mojave 3-Got My Sunshine-Excuses For Travellers

Broadcast-Illumination-Extended Play Two

Morrissey-Trash (live)

Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over



Johnny Marr & Sandy Shaw-Jeane (video version)

The Boo Radleys-What's In The Box-C'mon Kids

The Stone Roses-Waterfall-The Complete Stone Roses

Oasis-Getting Older

Oasis-Live Forever (acoustic)


Oasis-Solve My Mystery

Sing Sing-I'll Be-single

Ultrasound-Floodlit World-Everything Picture

The Beatles-When I'm Sixty Four-Yellow Submarine

The Arrogants-Drone


Travis-Baby One More Time (acoustic)

Doves-The Ceder Room-Lost Souls

Sleeper-You Got Me-Pleased To Meet You

Placebo-Bruise Pristine (One Inch Punch Mix)


4 OCTOBER 2000


Travis-High As A Kite

Tahiti 80-Revolution 80-Puzzle

Placebo-Special K-Black Market Music

The Animalhouse-Small

The Beatles-Megamix

Manic Street Preachers & 808 State-Lopez (Brian Eno mix)

Electronic-Dissapointed (808 State mix)

Richard Ashcroft-Slow Was My Heart-Alone With Everybody

Radiohead-Morning Bell-Kid A

Black Box Recorder-The Facts Of Life (Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mcakey mix)

The Ukranians-Bigmouth Strikes Again

Stereophonics-Buy Myself A Small Plane

Bjork-107 Steps-Selmasongs

Tailgunner-Blow Up-A Much Better Tomorrow

Rialto-Russian Doll-Girl On A Train ep

The Stone Roses-Waterfall (Justin Robertson mix)

The Bluetones-Autophilia-Science & Nature

The Auteurs-Unsolved CHild Murder-After Murder Park

Dallas-Lets Split-Dallas

The Charlatans UK-My Beautiful Friend-Us & Us Only

Firewater-So Long, Superman


Kid Silver-Devils & Demons

JJ72-Not Like You-JJ72

Geneva-Rockets Over California-Weather Underground

Supergrass-She's So Loose-I Should Coco

Oasis-Getting Older


11 OCTOBER 2000

The pre-show cd this week was the audio from
The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night".


Radiohead-The National Anthem-Kid A

Supergrass-Faraway (acoustic)

T Rex-Ride The White Swan

Suede-Electricity-Head Music

Steadman-Me Godzilla You Japan

Coldplay-Don't Panic-Parachutes

The Fairways-Close To Me-Is Everything All Right?

Pulp-The Birds In Your Garden (live)

Rialto-SomeoneThat She Used To Know-Girl On A Train ep

Bis-How Can We Be Strange-Music For A Strange World ep

Ooberman-Blossems Falling-The Magic Treehouse

The Longpigs-Gangsters-Mobile Home

The Longpigs-Far-The Sun Is Often Out

The Longpigs-I Lied, I Love You-Mobile Home

The Longpigs-On and On-The Sun Is Often Out

Blur-Music Is My Radar

The Wannadies-Yeah-single

Gene-Mayday-Rising For Sunset

JJ72-Broken Down-JJ72

Mansun-Soundtrack For 2 Lovers-Little Kix

Nick Drake-Things Behind The Sun-Way To Blue, Introducing Nick Drake

Catatonia-Strange Glue (acoustic)

Aerial Love Feed-My Clock Is Always Five Minutes Wierder-ep

Super Furry Animals & The Beatles-Free Now

Sunstorm-Automatic-Sunstorm ep

Bjork-Sod Off (live @ Union Chapel London)

Looper-Up A Tree Again (Pulp Mix)


18 OCTOBER 2000

No show this week due to technical difficulties at the station


25 OCTOBER 2000


Blur-Music Is My Radar-single

Ooberman-Heavy Duty-web site release single


The La's-I Can't Sleep-The La's

Radiohead-Everything In Its Right Place-Live In Holland 2000

Mojave 3-Any Day Will Be Fine-Excuses For Travellers

Suede-Trash (acoustic)

Placebo-Special K-Black Market Music

Steadman-Me Godzilla You Japan-web site one release @

Gene-Haunted By You-Olympian

Pulp-The Birds In Your Garden (live)

The Lassie Foundation-She's The Coming Sun-Pacifico

Tahiti 80-I.S.A.A.C.-Puzzle

The Stone Roses-Elephant Stone (Different Mix)

Me Me Me-Tabitha's Island-Hanging Around single


The Ukranians-What Difference Does It Make

Rialto-Russian Doll-Girl On A Train ep

Oasis-Solve My Mystery

Travis-Good Feeling (acoustic)

Primal Scream-Exterminator (Massive Attack Remix)

Morrissey-I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (live)

The Arrogants-Anthony & Cleopatra (acoustic)

Belle & Sebastian-The State I Am In-Tigermilk

The Charlatans UK-The Blind Stagger-Us & Us Only

The Autumns-Quite-Le Carillon ep

Radiohead-The National ANthem-Live In Holland 2000




Morrissey-Trouble Loves Me (live)

Gay Dad-Joy-Leisure Noise

Steadman-Let Down-Loser Friendly

The Fairways-Get It Right-Is Everything All Right

David Bowie-Heroes (acoustic)

Rialto-Anything Could Happen-Girl On A Train ep

Oasis-Love Forever (acoustic)

JJ72-Undecover Angel-JJ72

Paloalto-Some Things Must Go This Way-Paloalto

Supergrass-I'd Like To Know-I Should Coco

Pulp-Glory Days-This Is Hardcore

Placebo-Flesh Mechanic

The Beautiful South-10,000 Feet-Painting It Red

The Bluetones-Mudslide-Science And Nature

The Smiths-Cemetry Gates (live)

Radiohead-The National Anthem-Kid A

Bjork-In The Musicals-Selmasongs


Tahiti 80-Yellow Butterfly-Puzzle

Badly Drawn Boy-Once Around The Block-The Hour Of Bewilderbeast

Aerial Love Feed-Five Miles Into The Atmosphere-Aerial Love Feed ep

Oasis-Dont Go Away (live)

Suede-We Are The Pigs (live)

Manic Street Preachers-Motorcycle Emptiness (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix)-Australia single

Sigur Ros-Vloar Vel Ti Loftarasa-Agaetis Byrjun



Congratulations to all the winners of the autographed Morrissey
cds and photo...... Thanks to Berny for helping out with the
 chat room and giveaway


The Dandy Warhols-Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth (Rock Snobs Vocal Mix )

Mansun-Electric Man-Little Kix

Steadman-Me Godzilla You Japan-download from


Primal Scream-When The Kingdom Comes-single

Spiritualized-Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space-Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Morrissey-SisterI'm A Poet (live)

The Stone Roses-Going Down(acoustic)

Aerial Love Feed-My Clock Is Always Five Minutes Weirder-Aerial Love Feed ep

Travis-Coming Down (live)

Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees-Live In Holland 2000

The Verve-Sonnet (acoustic)

Sing SIng-Feels Like Summer-single

James-Just Like Fred Astaire-Millionaires


The Charlatans UK-Polar Bear-Some Friendly

Hefner-Hello Kitten-Boxing Hefner

The Smiths-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others-The Queen Is Dead

Blur-Black Book-Music Is My Radar single

Oasis-My Generation

Suede-Living Dead (acoustic)

JJ72-Long Way South-JJ72

Morrissey-Driving Your Girlfriend Home (live)

Weezer-Pink Triangle (acoustic)


15 NOVEMBER 2000

Things were a little different this week as the show was pre-recorded.....
I'm sure I was fast asleep battling a cold as the show was broadcast. 


Paloalto-Throw The Brick-Paloalto

The Lightning Seeds-You Bet Your Life-Dizzy Heights

Shed Seven-Around Your House-A Maximum High Special Edition

Blur-Music Is My Radar-single

Coldplay-Yellow (live)-Parachutes

James-Sit Down-James

The Bluetones-Autophilia-Science & Nature

Primal Scream-When The Kingdom Comes-single

David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust (acoustic)-The BBC Sessions

Gomez-78 Stone Wobble (live)

Pulp-The Birds In Your Garden (live)

Morrissey-Sister I'm A Poet (live)

The Fairways-Pthalo Blue-Is Everything All Right?

Radiohead-How To Dissapear Completely-Kid A

Vast-I Dont Have Anything-Music For People

Richard Ashcroft-You On My Mind In My Sleep-Alone With Everybody


22 NOVEMBER 2000

Things were a little quiet this week with the Thanksgiving holiday
upon us. There was some live mixing for the first time,
at least with vinyl......its been too long...


Spearmint-Sweeping The Nation

Suede-Together-Sci Fi Lullabies

The Stone Roses-She Bangs The Drums

Sixteen Delux-Slat Rubry-Vision Take Me, Make Me, Never Forsake Me

Tahiti 80-Revolution 80-Puzzle

The Kinks-Do You Remember Walter?-Village Green Preservation Society

Rialto-Broken Barbie Doll-Rialto

The Dandy Warhols-Ohio (Rough Mix)

Echobelly-Four Letter Word-On

Moose-Keeping Up With You

Gene-To The City-Olympian

The Jam-That's Entertainment

Oasis-Dont Look Back In Anger-Familiar To Millions

Oasis-Live Forever-Familiar To Millions

The Longpigs-Gangsters-Mobile Home

Idlewild-Actually Its Darkness

Saint Etienne-Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)-Sound Of Water

Placebo feat David Bowie-Without You I'm Nothing (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Suede-Everything Will Flow (Rollo's Vocal Mix)

Blur-Country House (live)

JJ72-Oxygen (Original Demo Version)

PJ Harvey feat Thom Yorke-This Mess We're In

Pulp-Whiskey In The Jar (live)

The Smiths feat Sandy Shaw-Jeane

Fracnoiz Breut-Si Ti Disais-Bella Union Sampler

Spearmint-Best Ballroom

Kula Shaker-Shower Your Love-Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts

The Beautiful South-Perfect 10 (acoustic)

Sinead O'Connor-The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (live)


29 NOVEMBER 2000


Oasis-Cigarettes and Alcohol-Familiar To Millions

Space Monkeys-Sugar Cane

Spearmint-We're Going Out

The Stone Roses-Waterfall (Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne Mix)-The Remix Album

Alfie-Just About The Weather

The Beatles-Misery-Please Please Me

Hurricane #1-The Greatest High

Travis-Coming Around (live)

JJ72-Not Like You-JJ72

Blur-Miss America-Modern Life Is Rubbish


The Happy Mondays-Step On (MacColl Mix)-Double Easy; The US Singles

The Crocketts-Ella Luciana


Jact-Losing More Than Heaven-Jact

The Dandy Warhols-The Gospel-13 Tales From Urban Bohemia

The Stone Roses-Made Of Stone (808 State Remix)-The Remix Album

Cornershop-Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Mix)

Paloalto-Throw The Brick-Paloalto

Placebo-Black Eyed-Black Market Music

Radiohead-Morning Bell-Live In Holland 2000

The Beautiful South-10,000 Feet-Painting It Red

Trembling Blue Stars-To Leave It Now-Broken By Whispers

Ian Brown-Billie Jean (live)

Kula Shaker-303-K

The Smiths-Asleep-Louder Than Bombs




Teenage Fanclub - Near You - Howdy

Bernard Butler - Friends & Lovers - Friends & Lovers

Blur - Bad Day (Leisurely Mix)

The Audience - I Got The Wherewithal

Supergrass - Movin' - Supergrass

Geneva - If You Have To Go - Weather Underground

Clearlake - Something To Look Forward To

Rialto - Girl On A Train - Girl On A Train ep

Oasis - Stand By Me (live) - Familiar To Millions

Doves - Catch The Sun - Lost Souls

Submarine - The Girl Who Fell To Earth - Skindiving

Radiohead - How I Made My Millions (Indie Mix)

Travis - Funny Thing (rock) - More Than Us single

Pulp - I Spy (Live On Jools Holland)

Shed Seven - Missing Out - Change Giver

The Smiths - Vicar In A Tutu (live)

The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear (Remix) The Remix Album

The Beatles - Dear Prudence (acoustic)

The Autumns - Mistral Chimes At Nightall - In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour

Belle & Sebastian - The Wrong Girl - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

Kula Shaker - Last Farewell - Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts

Muse - Sunburn (live)

Gene - Fighting Fit - Drawn To The Deep End

Swimmer - Halo - Surreal

PJ Harvey feat Thom Yorke - The Mess Were In

Cast - History (Lo Fidelity All Stars Mix)


13 DECEMBER 2000


The Aislers Set - Chicago New York

Chapterhouse - Frost

Saint Etienne - Lose That Girl - Good Humor

Morrissey - Picidilly Pilare - Bona Drag

Echobelly - Kali Yuga - Digit ep

Rialto - Anything Could Happen - Girl On A Train ep

The Stone Roses - Shoot You Down (Soul Hooligan Mix) - The Remix Album

Suede feat Justine Freischman - Implement Yeah (live)

Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar - Pablo Honey

The Jam - Town Called Malice - Greatest Hits

The Fairways - Secretive Girl - Is Everything All Right

Oasis - Dont Look Back In Anger (live) - Familiar To Millions

Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block (live on Conan O'Brien)

Paloalto - Some Things Must Go This Way - Paloalto

Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today

The Yardbirds - For Your Love - The BBC Sessions

Jarvis Cocker - For The Aged (live on the Ali G show)

Sleeper - Feeling Peaky - The It Girl

Drugstore - Spacegirl

Mansun - Special/Blown It (Delete As Usual) - Six

Pulp - All Time High - Shaken & Stirred

Coldplay - You Only Live Twice (live at Glastonbury 2000)

The Bluetones - Slight Return - Learning To Fly

Echobelly - Kathmandu - Digit ep

Belle & Sebastian - O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Jeepster XMAS album

Gene - As Good As It Gets (live) - Rising For Sunset

Steadman - Life Of Leisure - Loser Friendly

Ooberman - Roll Me In Cotton - The Magic Treehouse

Ocean Colour Scene - Top Of The World - B Sides, Sea Sides & Free Rides


20 DECEMBER 2000

This week was the Holiday Special......lots of your favorites as
well as the new XFM "It's A Cool Cool Christmas" cd....


Kirsty MacColl - You Just Havnt Earned It Yet Baby - She's Having A Baby s/t

The Pogues feat Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York - If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Saint Etienne - I Was Born On Christmas Day

David Bowie and Bing Crosby - Little Drummer Boy

Travis - River - Turn single

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Noel Gallagher - Merry Christmas

Queen - Thank God It's Christmas

The Rolling Stones - Run Rudolph Run

Saint Etienne - Driving Home For Christmas

Granddaddy - Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

The Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

The Webb Brothers - Every Day Is Christmas - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Eels - Everythings Gonna Be Cool This Christmas - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

El Vez - Feliz Navidad - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Morgan - Christmas In Waikiki - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Drugstore - Maybe At Christmas Time - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Belle & Sebastian - O COme, O COme Emmanuel - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Giant Sand - Thank You Dreaded Black Ice, Thank You - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

The Flaming Lips - White Christmas (Demo For Tom Waits) - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Saint Etienne - My Christmas Prayer - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Departure Lounge - Christmas Downer - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Six By Seven - I Believe In Father Christmas - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Snow Patrol - When I Get Home For Christmas - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Titan - Spiritual Guidance - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Big Boss Man - Christmas Boogaloo - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Teenage Fanclub - Christmas Eve - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Calexico - Gift X-change - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Hwiangerdd Mair - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Low - Just Like Christmas - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

Lauren Leverne - In The Bleak Midwinter - XFM's It's A Cool Cool Christmas

James Brown - Soulful Christmas


27 DECEMBER 2000

This week we counted down the best of the past year, both the
Indie Shop's top ten albums and other various songs that
made the past months special.


#10 album

Belle & Sebastian - I Fought In A War - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

Mansun - Electric Man - Little Kix
Badly Drawn Boy - Stone On The Water - Hour Of Bewilderbeast
#9 album

The Autumns - The Boy With The Aluminum Stilts - In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour

Primal Scream - When The Kingdom Comes
#8 album

Geneva - If You Have To Go - Weather Underground

Radiohead - National Anthem (live)- Holland 2000
#7 album

Paloalto - Some Things Must Go This Way - Paloalto

Sing-Sing - Feels Like Summer
Oasis - My Generation
#6 album

The Fairways - Pthalo Blue - Is Everything Allright?

Manic Street Preachers - Masses Against The Classes
Coldplay - Yellow - Parachutes
#5 album

The Dandy Warhols - Get Off - 13 Tales of Urban Bohemia

Rialto - Girl On A Train - Girl On A Train ep
Gene - Mayday (live) - Rising For Sunset
#4 album

Travis - Writing To Reach You - The Man Who

Doves - The Cedar Room - Lost Souls
#3 album

Tahiti 80 - Yellow Butterfly - Puzzle

The Bluetones - Autophilia - Science & Nature
#2 album

Steadman - Let Down - Loser Friendly

The Unbelievable Truth - Agony
#1 ALBUM!!

JJ72 - Undercover Angel - JJ72
#1 SONG!!

Sigur Ros - Svefn-G-Englar