The Best of 2002

Check out our favorites of the past year as well as a few thoughts...

Host Info


          You’ve run across my passion. Sharing. While this also encompasses other facets of life, sharing great music has become a central theme to life. Mix in one part curiosity, a passion for life and discovery. Another part confidence that I have a superior sense of what’s good and new (as I’m sure most in the “industry” do). Lastly, a strong appreciation for the friendships this has allowed me to discover.

It all started early on. I can recall a friend playing old Beatles’ singles from his mother’s collection. While my music sensibilities would take a time to catch up, the groundwork was laid at an early age. From high school on I experimented with mixing and djing parties, and listened to KROQ religiously when alternative was still king (before grunge). I was also raised to have a wide appreciation of music. I recall my mother bringing me to Dixieland jazz shows as a kid, and her huge jazz collection, or the musicians in my family. I had a friend introduce me to hip-hop in the mid 80’s, and from that a great love of pre-gangsta hip hop evolved (and love NWA, but lost interest when hip-hop went ‘rap’ and pop). My heart always felt most at home with The Smiths and indie, especially the mindset.

It wasn’t until I discovered K-Beach Radio at Long Beach State that my dreams took focus. Having been obsessed with music for most of my life, I now had the chance to explore both the business and creative end of radio radio, specifically college radio. I was hooked! I had the luck of discovering K-Beach just as it was starting. There was G.M. and founder Mike, Candy and Janice. The four of us, along with a few others, brought student run broadcasting back to Long Beach State. From 1998 to 2002 I had a variety of positions, everything from Assistant Music Director to Interim G.M., trained new djs, and of course ran my own show.

In 2002 many things changed (most which I’ll cover below). The station had a new Student Advisor, and new policies regarding the role of non-students. Of greater impact, a rift between the original staff and management arose, and I found myself the only original staff member, at least until early 2002, when I too had no option but to leave.

It’s great to see that K-Beach is still going strong, if not stronger than ever. New staff, new students, and a new vision. While I no longer ply my trade on the administrative side, The Indie Shop continues to evolve. Last February I made the additional step by helping to start a local club call POP. Not only do I share in running the club you can find me djing. The dream continues…..

Show History

The Indieshop was born in the Spring of 1999. I had joined K-Beach as a staff member, never with the intention of becoming a dj. And while I had (minimal) prior experience as a dj, I didn’t see myself as someone who would do a lot of talking. Or specifically, someone who others wanted to listen to.

As much as I was enjoying the management aspect as the Assistant Music Director, I was slowly drawn into doing a show. I originally meant to start with a friend, but went it alone after he pulled out. The show was originally focused around the Brit-Pop classics of the mid 90's with a healthy dose of new music. Slowly it evolved to include more new music with a dash of classics, regardless of the era. I made a huge effort to involve local and new/unsigned bands, as well as play all requests possible. Another idea of mine was to be more inclusive, to communicate with music fans. We hosted an AOL chat room while at K-Beach (and even had a few of the bands help out), used fan questions during interviews, and generally tried to create a community feeling.

Soon the wheels started to turn, I reached for the stars and punched way above the station’s/show’s weight. I had a long interview with my favorite band (Gene), a brief informal interview with another long time ‘idol’ (Morrissey), and some amazing in-studio performances/interviews with the likes of The Arrogants, Steadman, The Fairways and others! We even talked ourselves into press passes at the 2002 Coachella, sitting in the press pit for the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Oasis and The Strokes (just wish we had better pics), and backstage access (and VIP bathroom access!).

While I don’t recall the exact time, somewhere around 2001 Berny came onboard as the co-host. She offered a similar passion for music, as well as a good dose of sarcasm and wit, especially helpful during interviews (I really can’t imagine the show without both her contribution and help, as she was responsible for arranging the Morrissey interview).

While at K-Beach the station hosted an “Indie Night” on campus, a concert featuring several show based bands such as Simple Spirits, The Lassie Foundation and The Arrogants. A club was also started locally, in Garden Grove, called Pop. It featured a mix of indie and mod, and was a great (learning) experience.

Things changed early in 2002. The station had a new Student Advisor, as well as some new policies. The show lost its home, but was soon welcomed at WPMD, the student station at Cerritos College. We were no longer able to host bands in studio, but earned a chance to speak with The Dears and the Lucksmiths, among others. And as great as the staff was at WPMD, the new location had a very different vibe. We no longer had the ability to run a chat room, and it felt very secluded. Eventually these combined with increasing ‘life’ demands, and it became time to stop broadcasting.

Forward to 2016. I had heard the station had a new Media Advisor, and with him an entire new methodology. K-Beach is now where it should, or rather 22 West media. And with the changes, the show was welcomed back. In March of 2017 we started broadcasting again, forward looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Indie Shop?

The Indie Shop was a college radio show based first at K-Beach, than WPMD, from either Wednesday or Tuesday evenings.

Music was the central focus if the show. Starting with the Brit Pop of the mid nineties, we follow the course of rock from the early 60’s with the Beat Generation to current Indie rock. The focus wasn’t entirely on British bands though, as we wanted to expose listeners to great bands regardless of where they’re from.

The most important aspect of the show was sharing the music. Unlike corporate radio station, we make every effort to honor your requests, and while at K-beach, ran an AOL chat room during each show.

and lastly, a very special thanks to....

Berny for being a great co-host and friend, Candy and Kitty at the Succubus Club, G.M. Mike, the staff at WPMD, Robb, Janny & Paul. Jeremy, George C, Georgia S @ G9, Akiko, Ajay, Carolyn, Martin Brown @, Tyson H, Jennifer J, Rachel E, Frankie, Tania, Jenn L, Keri R, Cym, Lawrence, Sug and the guys in Simple Spirits for the early days, and of course apologies to those we might have left off our list.....