We've been fortunate enough to have some great guests in studio. Add to that those bands
and artists that have found the time to chat, even if for just a few moments.We've made
every effort to ask listeners for their questions and comments, and often are rewarded with
great thoughts!

Just click below to read what we have thus far. Sadly, it seems that our first two interviews,
Simple Spirits and Jact, from the early days of the show, have been lost to time. 


The Dears

The Lucksmiths

The Coral

Ben Kweller

The Lazybirds 1-9-03

The Fairways 12-1-01

Trembling Blue Stars 11-19-01

JJ72 11-09-01

Emiliana Torrini 8-14-01

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 7-24-01

Fonda 5-23-01 (coming)

Placebo 5-15-01

The Sweet & Tender Hooligans 5-9-01

Paloalto 3-21-01 (coming)

Stereophonics 2-16-01

Steadman 8-9-00

The Arrogants 7-12-00 (coming)

Gene 6-2-00

The Autumns 4-19-00 (coming)

The Arrogants 2-2-00

The Lassie Foundation 1-5-00